Third Party Insurances

Going to other airports – including Military

Check whilst planning any trip

As many of you may be aware, EU regulations required all light aircraft to carry €1,000,000 per passenger seat Third Party liability insurance.

Since Brexit and on brokers’ advice, we increased our cover to £4m for all 4-seat aircraft but it has since transpired that many UK airports regard this as inadequate and demand a higher level of cover.

As a rule, this cover costs about £120-£200 per annum per extra £million. Today we have increased all policies to £5m (as required, for example, by Biggin Hill) but pilots must be aware that when visiting larger/commercial airports this may not be enough. Our cover for visits to MoD airports remains unchanged at £7.5m as required.

Any pilot planning such a trip should consult the UK AIP and/or telephone the destination airfield to establish the individual requirement which can vary depending on many factors – length of stay, parking area, etc.

Once the amount required is known, temporary cover can be arranged by individual pilots at their own expense, if applicable, either by contacting our brokers:

A&T 01202 754900 (for G-CBSO, G-TIBS & G-IBFW)

or Visicover 0118 3282666 (G-CCHL, G-CITW and all Club planes).


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