The Land-away

Duration 30 or 60 minutes Each Way (minimum)


 30 or 60 minutes in aircraft

from £132 all inclusive

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Land-Away Lessons

2 Flights – 30 or 60 minutes each way (minimum)

from £339 all inclusive

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The Land-Away Lesson

Much more opportunity to appreciate controlling aircraft through the more complex parts of flight training

These lessons (either of 30 or 60 minute duration – each way) will double your opportunity to see what flying is all about.

All lessons will start with a pre-flight briefing. During the briefing the Instructor will describe the flying controls, their effects on the aircraft in flight and on the ground, and answer any questions from the student.

Destinations for the Land-aways will be determined on the day by weather, local flying restrictions and availability of other airfields – in winter some of the grass strips can be unusable or even closed. The student will discuss with the instructor any preferences.

Examples of 30 minute (each way) land-away airfields:

    • Headcorn/Lashenden
    • Rochester
    • etc…..



All participants will have the chance to discuss their routes and abilities during the briefings.

Examples of 60 minute (each way)  land-away airfields include:

    • Southend
    • Shoreham
    • maybe further depending on weather on the day
    • discuss with your instructor

This consists of two flying lessons and you will need to allow an additional two hours to the lesson times for the whole exercise.


Trial Lessons are proper Flying Lessons which will count towards a pilot’s licence. There are specific conditions relating to Vouchers because they are offered at discounted rates in comparison to regular flight training. Please see the conditions under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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