Model Group Rules

These Model Group Aircraft Rules were last updated on 1st December 2019 and apply, with minor amendments, to all Group Aircraft operated by Lydd Aero Club

G-ABCD (the aircraft) is owned by Archer (insert name) Ltd, (The Company) a company registered in England for the sole purpose of owning and operating the aircraft for the exclusive benefit of the shareholders and their Nominated Pilots.

For the purpose of these rules, Nominated Pilot shall mean the pilot or pilots nominated by each shareholder pursuant to Clause 7 of the Company’s Articles of Association.

Once a shareholder has nominated a pilot he or she may not be substituted without the consent of the Company’s Directors and Lydd Aero Club’s (The Club) Chief Flying Instructor.

The company allows a maximum of 10 Nominated Pilots at any one time.

1. Only Nominated Pilots are allowed to act as pilot in command and a Nominated Pilot must occupy the P1 seat whenever the aircraft flies, except that.

(i) An instructor designated by The Club may fly the aircraft without a Nominated Pilot being present so long as the flight in question is carried out for the benefit of the company, e.g., a positioning flight for maintenance purposes or to position the aircraft for a Nominated Pilot at the latter’s request

(ii) The Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) or a Flying Instructor approved by the CFI of The Club may fly as pilot in command with someone other than a Nominated Pilot occupying the P1 seat provided that the flight takes place for the purpose of demonstrating the aircraft to a potential Nominated Pilot introduced by a shareholder wishing to sell his shares, or

(iii) If a shareholder wishing to sell his shares has asked The Club to find a suitable buyer, or

(iv) For the purpose of the aforesaid Chief Flying Instructor assessing the flying skills of a potential new Nominated Pilot.

  1. Except as defined in 1 (i), (ii) (iii) and (iv) above, only a Nominated Pilot may sign for the aircraft prior to a flight and complete the tech log after a flight except during a training flight in which case the Instructor shall sign as Pilot in Command or as required by the Air Navigation Order
  2. No person may fly the aircraft until he or she has signed a copy of these rules and lodged the signed copy with The Club.
  3. All bookings must be made through the Operations desk at The Club.
  4. A Nominated Pilot may at any one time, hold the following simultaneous bookings:

(i) Exclusive use of the aircraft for one week in any 12-month period (which may be taken as a whole or in parts).

(ii) One official Lydd Aero Club fly-out

(iii) One long range booking (anything from a single slot to a trip with an overnight stop)

(iv) One immediate booking (i.e., for “today” or “tomorrow”)

(v) Each Nominated Pilot shall keep a running tally of his/her remaining entitlement to book.

(vi) As required for training purposes with a Lydd Aero Club instructor.

  1. Nominated Pilots will pay for their flying, by credit card, debit card or cash, immediately upon completion of a rental.
  2. The hourly flying rate shall be £***.** per hour inclusive of:

(i) Aircraft hire

(ii) Fuel at current prices

(iii) LAC Management fees

(iv) Maintenance Costs

(v) Engine replacement fund

  1. In addition, each shareholder shall pay to The Company the sum of £*** per month to cover the cost of hangarage and insurance.
  2. This obligation will continue until such time as a shareholder transfers his/her shares to another party acceptable to the group and who will then take over this obligation.
  3. Landings at Lydd Airport will be charged at £**.** (price at time of hire) per landing
  4. The Company may vary all charges without notice to reflect any increase in operating costs, fuel costs and airport charges.
  5. Any Nominated Pilot purchasing fuel for the aircraft anywhere other than at Lydd will, whenever possible, pay for such fuel using the Company’s Debit Card. The pilot must obtain an invoice from the fuel supplier and hand it in at the Club at the time of paying for the aircraft hire.
  6. In the context of 11 above, the Company debit card may also be used, if possible, to pay for unscheduled maintenance while away from Lydd.
  7. The aircraft is insured for £**,***, the life-raft for £*,*** and the PLB for £***. There is an insurance excess of £*** per claim and £** in respect of total loss or the life-raft and PLB. Excess costs will be met out of the company’s own funds when the Pilot is not at fault (e.g., damaged whilst parked) and by the Nominated Pilot in command of the aircraft at the time when our insurers determine that The Company and or the Nominated Pilot are liable.
  8. Third party liability insurance covers claims (including legal liability to third parties, passengers, baggage, personal effects) of up to £*,***,*** for any one incident or up to £*,***,*** in the case of Crown Indemnity.
  9. Day to day management of the aircraft will rest with The Club.
  10. Day to day management of the company will rest with the designated officers appointed by Lydd Aero Club.
  11. Nominated Pilots shall be members of Lydd Aero Club
  12. Only Nominated Pilots shall have the right to attend, speak and vote at meetings other than the AGM when statutory rights shall apply.
  13. Where shares in the company are held in joint names or corporate names it is agreed that only the Nominated Pilot shall have voice and vote at all meetings.

(***** insert relevant figures)

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