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Flight Training Centre

Situated on the South East corner of England we enjoy better than average weather which is most important to light aircraft aviation.

A major factor in any training is available airspace. Surrounding Lydd is open airspace up to either 5500 ft in one direction and 7500 ft in the other. Unlike more central training centres most of the training can be carried out within close proximity to the airport therefore minimising both training time and costs to the student.

The airport has the benefit of a 1,500m tarmac runway, 21/03, with approach lighting and PAPI, NDB and ILS/TDME. A VOR/DME (LYD) nearby.

There is an ILS for runway 21 and RNAV is installed for both runways.

Fuel, Avgas and Avtur, is available during operating hours; maintenance facilities are available during operating hours on weekdays.

Within the terminal building is the Biggles restaurant and bar with a wide variety of snacks and meals which can be enjoyed whilst watching the aircraft movements.

Final Runway 03 Lydd

Training & Aircraft

The training is conducted from Lydd Airport by our own team of instructors in Cessna 152 and Piper Archer aircraft.

Some of your training will include visits to other airports including Southend, Shoreham, Goodwood, Lee-on-Solent, etc.

The team is well qualified to conduct all the training referred to on this website and meet the high standards set by the Civil Aviation Authority.

They are also qualified to set and invigilate the online examinations required for the Private Pilots Licence



More than a Flying School

At Lydd Aero Club you are not just another student paying to get their Pilot’s Licence but a member of a Club dedicated to the enjoyment of flying.