Group Aircraft

at Lydd Aero Club

Why buy into a Group?

Some members, of course, will wish to buy their own aircraft and we will be happy to assist them in making a sensible purchase, but in any event they are most welcome to operate their new plane from the Club. Others will continue to rent and for them we offer various Piper Archer aircraft.

Getting together with a group of fellow pilots in order to buy and operate a plane makes financial sense. It also guarantees a sensible level of minimum annual utilisation – this is necessary not just for economic reasons but to avoid problems such as corrosion resulting from non-use.

As a rule of thumb anyone planning to fly 20 hours a year or more should consider a group aircraft.

For those who wish to own an aircraft share we offer a Group Ownership Scheme.

Working together with our sister company, LAC Aviation (same owners and directors as Lydd Aero Club) we are able to offer a comprehensive package involving sourcing, purchase and management of a suitable aircraft.

We currently have an Archer II, an Archer III, an Arrow III in the Piper Range as well as an Extra 400.

Through our management service group members merely have to phone the club and book their plane whenever they wish to fly.

We take care of all the administration, banking, maintenance, insurance, hangarage and financial management.

Our aim is to take away the hassle from aircraft ownership

Group 1 – Archer One Ltd

G-TIBS side

Group 2 – Archer Two Ltd

Group 3 – Archer Three Ltd

Group 4 – Archer Four Ltd

Group 5

Group 5 – Archer Five Ltd

Group 5

Group 6 – Archer Six Ltd

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