Theoretical Knowledge Assessments (The eExam)

The Pilot’s Licence Examinations are undertaken online through an Approved Training Organisation (such as Lydd Aero Club) using the the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) system.

Before undertaking any of these examinations the student/candidate needs to register for eExams online with the CAA.
The Candidate Quick Guide for registration can be found at:

Following this guide candidates need to first register for PPL e-Exams on the CAA portal. There is currently a day or two time on this activity as the CAA needs to approve each candidate, therefore it is important that candidates register ASAP, by following the link below.

Supporting material is provided to guide you through the registration.
Link to CAA portal :

Please be aware that to register you will need:

● Formal photographic identification (one of the below)
● Passport
● Driving licence
● National identity card (Including citizen card or other government recognised ID)

Proof of address or existing CAA documentation (one of the below)

● Driving licence
● Cheque guarantee card / credit card
● Identity card
● Utility bill
● Council tax bill
● Council rent book
● Mortgage statement
● Existing CAA documentation (e.g. medical certificate)

Please note the same document cannot be used for both i.e. driving licence can only be used for photo identification or proof of address. An additional item of documentation would also be required.

After the Candidate has registered with CAA they can nominate Lydd Aero Club as their approved organisation in which to sit the examination. The Club needs to purchase the examination from the CAA and arrange a date and time for the student to undertake the exam at the Club.

Learning Objectives – It is important that as part of a student’s studies they should check the following Objective Headings:

It is recommended that students watch the CAA Video Guide which describes in detail the examination (they call it an “assessment”) process, before coming to the Club to sit the exam.

Lydd Aero Club will be able to access the results of all exams (pass or fail), and provide details of any sections of the “Theoretical Knowledge” not answered correctly, within a few minutes of completion by the student.