Introductory – 30 or 60 minutes

in the aircraft + briefing


 30 or 60 minutes in aircraft

from £132 all inclusive

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Land-Away Lessons

2 Flights – 30 or 60 minutes each way (minimum)

from £339 all inclusive

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 The “Introductory” is a proper flying lesson over the local area

The “lesson” will start with a pre-flight briefing. This Lesson of either 30 or 60 minutes will be a local flight over Kent or Sussex and largely determined by weather and any flying restrictions on the day.

During the briefing the Instructor will describe the flying controls, their effects on the aircraft in flight and on the ground, and answer any questions from the student.

Right from the start of the flight the instructor will invite the student to “follow through” on the controls to appreciate the degree of input required.

During the flight there will be an opportunity for the student to operate the controls, under the instructor’s supervision, to experience the effects of the controls as described.

Don’t worry! you may do as much as the instructor feels you are capable or as little as you wish or just sit back and enjoy your first experience in the Pilot’s Seat.

30 minute lessons will normally remain in an area bounded by the towns of Rye, Ashford and Dymchurch.

60 minute lessons may extend toward Beachy Head, Maidstone, Dover or Canterbury.


(See the Area Map for an idea of where your lesson may take you)



Enjoy the lesson, look out for local landmarks – this will be part of a pilot’s training and is called flying by “Visual Flight Rules” or “VFR” Learn how you could soon be a pilot yourself

SEE ALSO our Land-Away options above where the lesson takes you to another airfield before making another take-off and return to Lydd.


Trial Lessons are proper Flying Lessons which will count towards a pilot’s licence. There are specific conditions relating to Vouchers because they are offered at  discounted rates in comparison to regular flight training. Please see the conditions under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



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