30 minutes in aircraft

from £109 all inclusive

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Extended Flight

60 minutes in aircraft

from £209 all inclusive

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Land Away

2 Flights

from £229 all inclusive

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The Adventurer

2 Flights with a

break at a Special Venue

from £329 all inclusive

An Extended Flight – touring Kent or Sussex

60 minutes in the aircraft + briefing

Like our “Introductory Flight” but extended and lasting a full hour PLUS the briefing.

During the pre-briefing you can discuss routes and expectations with your instructor. He will be able to advise how to give you the very best of flight experiences.

This lesson would give you time, for example, to fly right around Kent – Dover, Deal, Margate and Ramsgate, or along the Thames Estuary in Kent, then south towards Rye before returning to Lydd. Alternatively, you could go into East Sussex and fly around the Hastings area.
(See the Maps)

Voucher Prices

start around £200

Instructor demonstrates controls

The instructor explains the controls and their effects during the flight

WARNING! Cheap Flying Experiences

Some other Clubs and Companies selling their own Vouchers and calling them “30 minute” or “60 minute” “lessons” do NOT give you 30 or 60 minutes in the Aircraft. Times often include lengthy briefings. Our timings are all “in the aircraft” PLUS briefings.

 More interested in flying the aircraft than just seeing “how it all works”? Then this lesson gives student pilots plenty of time to decide on whether or not to take up flying as a hobby or career. Don’t forget flying time here goes straight in your log-book towards your Private Pilot’s Licence.

Voucher Prices

start around £200