Whether looking for a Flying Experience

or Training for a new Hobby or Career

Lydd Aero Club is the place to come



If you have just purchased a Flying Experience Voucher on this site we would like you to know that your details have been sent to our Operations Department for preparation of your Voucher.

Vouchers are prepared by hand and posted (1st Class Royal Mail) at the end of each day. The Vouchers are left blank (unless you have specified a recipient or message to be included) so that they can be used as a gift. You can always telephone the Operations Department (01797 320734 – open 7 days a week – office hours) to check progress but your Voucher should be received within 2-3 working days of your order.

Please take careful note of your Voucher Number and expiry date on the voucher. This is the number you will need when telephoning to book your experience (01797 320734). Don’t leave booking until the last minute, we normally get booked some days/weeks in advance, especially weekends. Bookings can be postponed, especially by weather, so book as soon as you have a date and time in mind.

Further FAQs on using the Voucher and what to do on the day are available on our website under https://www.lyddaero.co.uk/faqs/

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