Select your Flight Experience

In either 2 or 4 Seater Aircraft

The 2 Seater – For the Instructor and Student

This is the regular training aircraft for most students

(See FAQs for under 14s)

4 Seater aircraft

A larger aircraft for a more comfortable ride

Normally this will be the Instructor and Student in front and (all subject to weight limits) you may wish to invite family members to observe in the back 2 seats.

Payments can be made with or without a PayPal account

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(30 mins in aircraft)

A flight of the local area

2 Seater £109


4 Seater £129

Extended  Flight

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(60 mins in aircraft)

A Kent or Sussex Tour

2 Seater  £209


4 Seater  £249


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2 flights to another airfield

2 Seater £229


4 Seater £329


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A much longer flight

to a Special Destination

2 Seater £329


4 Seater £379