DON’T LEAVE YOUR “Registration for Portal Access” OR YOUR “Application for Medical” to the last minute

You could end up with NO MEDICAL

Medical records system launching 29th March 2021

Going are the old paper application forms you used to complete at or before going to your AME for you Pilot’s medical.

The CAA are launching a new medical records system (Cellma) from 29th March 2021. It will be available as a service via the CAA Customer Portal. This online system will replace all existing paper-based application forms and allow Medical Certificate Holders to view their own medical records and track the progress of applications and referrals to the Authority.

To apply the CAA need you to supply some details about who you are, and provide documentary evidence of this in order for them to verify your identity. This is required for the regulatory control and to provide security around your data within our systems.

You need to be registered for the CAA PORTAL before you can even complete your application so, if you do not have a “portal access” then register ASAP because it will take some time to be approved.

When you get your “Portal Access” you will then be able to make your application. Again, prepare this some time before your medical examination which you still have to arrange yourself with your selected AME.


This starts with an extensive “disclaimer” which you are required to read and signify agreement.

The application continues with the usual name, address, etc. then required further proof of identity (again):

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