All persons wishing to become members of Lydd Aero Club are advised to read the following conditions of membership carefully. All applicants for membership of Lydd Aero Club must, if they wish to become members, agree to abide by the conditions of membership stated below and sign the membership application form to that effect.

1. I agree to abide by ALL club rules and the Lydd Aero Club Flying Orders.

2. I agree to abide by the rules and requirements of the United Kingdom Air Navigation Order.

3. I agree to not act in any way that may bring the name of Lydd Aero Club into disrepute.

4. I agree not to act in any way that may cause adverse publicity for Lydd Aero Club.

5. I understand that the Directors of Lydd Aero Club may at their sole discretion refuse or revoke membership of Lydd Aero Club to any person or persons as they see fit.

6. I agree to pay Membership Fees if, as and when required.

7. I understand that all pilots flying any aircraft owned, leased, operated or managed by Lydd Aero Club, whether solo or dual, must have either full or temporary (monthly) membership.

8. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that passengers carried in any aircraft owned, leased, operated or managed by Lydd Aero Club, with myself as pilot in command, have signed the appropriate passenger book/form before flight.

9. I understand that, should I have any dispute with Lydd Aero Club I must first seek to settle the dispute with the Directors and staff of Lydd Aero Club before involving any other organisation or authority.

10. Membership will continue until cancelled in writing by either the Lydd Aero Club or the member.

The above conditions form part of the Conditions of Membership of Lydd Aero Club. Lydd Aero Club endeavours to offer the highest standards of training, safety and efficiency to members and, in an effort to maintain and improve the service that it offers in these areas, welcomes any comments from members.

The Directors

Cinque Ports Aviation Ltd

T/A Lydd Aero Club

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