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Alan Webb

Alan Webb – One of the founding members of Lydd Aero Club.

Sunset photos courtesy Pilot Tiago

31st October 2021

As the clocks go back we mark Haloween and the start of our Night Flying training.

The instructors are booked several weeks in advance for most training so get your bookings in now if you are just starting or need re-validating.

11th October 2021

The poor weather of September delayed much of our training but the last few days have prompted many to continue.

Lawrance Nichol today completed his Qualifying Cross Country and makes that one step closer to his Private pilot’s Licence.  Seen here with  instructor Bob.

Congratulations Lawrance from all at the Club.

4th September 2021

An unexpected treat for students training in the local area and visitors was the departure of the 2 resident DC3 Dacotas to an air display at North Weald.

Two Lydd Aero Club training aircraft were already in the circuit as the DC3s taxied out for departure. See the video in HiRes at

22nd August 2021

After the Covid pandemic the qualifications are coming through thick and fast.

The second First Solo Certificate this week goes to Steve Barkess. Steve completed his flight under the direction of Instructor Mark seen here presenting our usual Certificate and Champagne shortly after his flight. Congratulations to Steve who is on the club’s Fast Track to his Private Pilot’s Licence.

17th August 2021

A rather cool and overcast day for mid August saw the sun come out later in the day for Alisha Sood. Alisha completed her first solo under the direction of Instructor Clive. Navigation your next target, Alisha.

July 2021

On the hottest day of the year so far student pilot Camilla joins the PPL ranks.

Delays through Covid restrictions and the atrocious winter (and Spring) weather meant a year or more delay in taking her Skills Test the passing of which she celebrates here with Examiner Bob. 

26th June Visitor

The well know “Sally B”, a B17 based at Duxford stayed with us overnight and pleased the locals to a fly-by and landing. A rare sight to see a “celebrity” aircraft at Lydd

June 2021

We were all looking forward to a cessation of the pandemic lockdown but on 14th we are all told it would last until at least 19th July.

After a few sunny days in early June further disappointment as the weather intervened with gales and heavy rain in the 3rd week.

The Club flyout - Le Touquet

31st May – First Solo

On the first hot and sunny Bank Holiday for some time it was congratulations to Matthew Lilley on achieving his first Solo Flight. Here, with his Instructor for the day Bob Marchant the brilliant sunshine brought an extra sparkle to the day. Well done Matthew and another first at Lydd Aero Club

Early May 2021

As we all try to get revalidated or just refreshed in our flying the lovely April weather takes a major turn to rain, rain and more rain with the occassional thunderstorm.

Here, climbing out of Cambridge (which I’m told closes for good in 2022) and trying to dodge the latest thunderstorm with it’s really impressive lightning.

The Club flyout - Le Touquet

April 2021

On the 12th April we were permitted by the DfT to re-start Private Pilot training.

As expected this has resulted in a flood of pilots trying to revalidate, after such a long period when they’ve not been allowed to fly, and those trying out flying light aircraft for the first (or 2nd or 3rd) time by taking Introductory lessons.

29th March 2021

After another long “Lock-down” due to Coronavirus, the airport and Club should re-open today. In the lockdown and during one of the coldest spells around Christmas 2020 hardy souls were foolish enough to erect a new Club sign. (Just in case you didn’t know where to go).

The Club flyout - Le Touquet

March 2021

On 2nd March the Government announced the first easing of the Pandemic Lockdown for Private Pilots. As from 29th they may (if fully current) start flying solo or with members of their household (or “Bubble”). Those not fully current will need to wait another couple of weeks to get a check-out  starting 12th April 2021.

Mid February 2021

What a difference a day makes. CLICK photo. Several Freezing days meant a skating rink on the Charlie apron for those staff who attended to carry out the recommended engine runs. 

The Club flyout - Le Touquet
The Club flyout - Breakfast Le Touquet

February 2021

The Coronavirus lockdown continues although we are promised a review by the Government later this month. The airport will then decide whether of not to re-open for business although it is currently being used by the NHS as an inoculation centre. The Le Touquet trips seem a distant memory. CLICK photo Perhaps Summer 2021 will see our return.

January 2021

Started with a Gov.UK directive that prevented us from doing almost anything than flying “open cockpit” planes, a decision that showed the author of the directive clearly had no idea about General Aviation, or perhaps it was put in as a joke. It did not leave anyone at the Club laughing.

Watch out for those coronavirus when flying solo!!!

Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds

December 2020

Claudia passed her Skills Test for her PPL. Here she is checking out the PA28 whilst waiting on the CAA issue her new licence. Congratulations on your perseverance through the many lock-downs and delays caused by the 2020 pandemic.

November 2020

Student “Bob” Marine joins the Club from France to complete her EASA Private Pilot’s Licence but like many students at this time has to wait several weeks for the CAA to issue her licence. With licence in hand Marine sends her celebratory photo

"Bob" and G-BSTP

October 2020

Instructor Mark congratulates Andy on his First Solo before he even leaves the aircraft.

September 2020

Student Marine travels from France to complete her PPL. Here receiving congratulations on completing her Skills Test from Director Bill and Instructor Clive

August 2020

Local Schools regularly send 3 students to share PA28 for training