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Alan Webb – One of the founding members of Lydd Aero Club. 

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March 2021

On 2nd march the Government announced the first easing of the Pandemic Lockdown for Private Pilots. As from 29th they are (if fully current) start flying solo or with members of their household (or “Bubble”). Those not fully current will need to wait another couple of weeks to get a check-out. Possibly starting 12th April.

Mid February 2021

What a difference a day makes. CLICK photo. Several Freezing days meant a skating rink on the Charlie apron for those staff who attended to carry out the recommended engine runs. 

The Club flyout - Le Touquet
The Club flyout - Breakfast Le Touquet

February 2021

The Coronavirus lockdown continues although we are promised a review by the Government later this month. The airport will then decide whether of not to re-open for business although it is currently being used by the NHS as an inoculation centre. The Le Touquet trips seem a distant memory. CLICK photo Perhaps Summer 2021 will see our return.

January 2021

Started with a Gov.UK directive that prevented us from doing almost anything than flying “open cockpit” planes, a decision that showed the author of the directive clearly had no idea about General Aviation, or perhaps it was put in as a joke. It did not leave anyone at the Club laughing.

Watch out for those coronavirus when flying solo!!!

Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds

December 2020

Claudia passed her Skills Test for her PPL. Here she is checking out the PA28 whilst waiting on the CAA issue her new licence. Congratulations on your perseverance through the many lock-downs and delays caused by the 2020 pandemic.

November 2020

Student “Bob” Marine joins the Club from France to complete her EASA Private Pilot’s Licence but like many students at this time has to wait several weeks for the CAA to issue her licence. With licence in hand Marine sends her celebratory photo

"Bob" and G-BSTP

October 2020

Instructor Mark congratulates Andy on his First Solo before he even leaves the aircraft.

September 2020

Student Marine travels from France to complete her PPL. Here receiving congratulations on completing her Skills Test from Director Bill and Instructor Clive

August 2020

Local Schools regularly send 3 students to share PA28 for training