30 minutes in aircraft

from £109 all inclusive

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Extended Flight

60 minutes in aircraft

from £209 all inclusive

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Land Away

2 Flights

from £229 all inclusive

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The Adventurer

2 Flights with a

break at a Special Venue

from £329 all inclusive

The Landaway

Normally landing

at a Grass strip airfield.

Fly to and land at another airport (Normally Headcorn Airfield in the 2 seater or Rochester Airport in the 4 seater) for a cup of tea and back to Lydd.

This lesson consists of two flights as you will depart Lydd, land at another airfield for a cuppa and chat with your instructor about the flight, then fly back to Lydd.

Allow at least two hours for this lesson.


Voucher Prices

start around £220

During the briefing you can discuss routes and expectations with your instructor. He will be able to advise on the best way to give you the very best of flight experiences.