Le Touquet – Open for business?

Monday 21st March 2022

As the last elements of the Covid restrictions are removed – requirements for Passenger Locator Forms removed last week – those of us who can show full vaccination may now enter France with very few restrictions.

Don’t forget – We are no longer part of EU so you need:

  • Your Covid Certificate, which can be on paper but seems to work just as well on your mobile phone,
  • Document of Honour (a French form where you confirm you don’t have symptoms, etc.). Available online.
  • Your PASSPORT.

If you don’t have these you will be receive a Refusal of Entry form, which takes around 45 minutes for a Customs Official to complete, and you will be sent straight home. Of course NOBODY forgets their passport – DO THEY?

Below is one person who received a Refusal of Entry form on 15th March 2022 – but later enjoyed a French Lunch after discovering his passport in the plane!

Needless to say – the pilot who enjoyed that Ice Cream, rather than the beer, flew home.


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