PPL Examinations

Students take careful note


We have been operating as Lydd Aero Club for the past 20 years and are proud to have helped many students attain their PPL.

The nine theory exams have been required for some time and, for many years, copies of the Training Manuals and a book previously called the PPL Confuser, together with a good deal of study, were normally sufficient for a first time pass. For the majority of exams the principles involved have not, and will not change, the exception being Air Law.

Since the introduction of computer based exams we are seeing more first and second sitting failures. 

Please ensure you are fully conversant with the training manuals, the exam regime and any workbooks or NEW study aids that are available. DO NOT RELY ON outdated web-based examination questions which appear to have failed many in their attempts at the “new” exams.

There are only three attempts allowed and we do not want to see anyone fail three times which may require a further attempt at the CAA at Gatwick..

Links about registering for exam, video describing in detail how the exams are operated and a list of the Knowledge Headings with which you need to be familiar are on this website