Introductory – 30 minutes in the aircraft + briefing


 30 minutes in aircraft

from £109 all inclusive

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Extended Flight

60 minutes in aircraft

from £209 all inclusive

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Land Away

2 Flights

from £229 all inclusive

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The Adventurer

2 Flights with a

break at a Special Venue

from £329 all inclusive

The “Introductory” is a flight of the local area

This will give you at least 30 minutes in the aircraft, enough to fly around the local area, say to Rye, Ashford or Hythe. (See the Maps)

During the flight and depending on student aptitude they will be invited to “follow through” as the instructor describes how the aircraft reacts to the controls in the air. Taking off and land at Lydd

When the instructor is happy that the student understands the basics they will be asked to “take control” and fly the aircraft for part of the flight.

Don’t worry – you will only do as much or as little as you are able or wish to do.

Not really interested in flying the aircraft but just want to see what goes on “up front”?……..

……… then just sit back and let the instructor show you how it all works. The principles of flight are the same in all fixed wing aircraft.

Just enjoy the flight, take a few photos or look out for landmark

Voucher Prices

start around £100

Fisherman's Harbour - Rye Town

Voucher Prices

start around £100