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Lydd Aero Club
Voucher System

So, you’ve ordered a Lydd Aero Club Voucher (either via this web site or directly at the Club) - what happens now?

Firstly, It is the Club’s intention to ensure anyone receiving a voucher has the best possible experience. The voucher system gives them the opportunity of booking their lesson any time over the following 6 months so they can choose either a day and time that suits them or wait for a good weather “window”,

When booking think how long it will take you to get to Lydd Airport. It’s not far off the M20 but you may be travelling some distance and want a booking later in the day. Tell us when you book.

The flying of light aircraft, particularly with a first flight pilot, is very weather dependant. We always advise recipients when their chosen day arrives to phone before leaving home to check their flight should go ahead.

For various reason many leave their booking until the Voucher has almost expired and then, due to weather or lack of time, have to rush their booking and may not get the best out of it. So, BOOK as soon as you can. If your first booking is “weathered-off” then it can be postponed to another day suitable to you.

The Voucher Process:

1. A pack will be made up consisting of an advice leaflet telling the budding pilot what they can expect during their Trial Lesson, the conditions of sale, and the Voucher attached to a card with spaces left for the recipients name and suitable message. The pack normally goes out on the day of your order by first class post.

2. Some people buy the voucher for themselves but many buy it as a gift and find the voucher card all that is needed for presentation.

3. After receiving the voucher the recipient should decide on a date and time as soon as possible thereafter to make their booking.

4. On the chosen day PHONE before leaving home. Many factors may delay or postpone your flight although every effort is taken to get you into the air and enjoy your day.

5. There is usually ample parking at Lydd Airport (directions on the “Find us” page of this website) and Lydd Aero Club is signposted to the left just inside the main entrance.

6. On welcoming you at the Club you will first be asked to “sign in” and then introduced to your Flight Instructor.

7. A briefing follows. The Flight Instructor will tailor this to the prospective pilot’s requirements. Many will want to know everything with a view to obtaining a private pilot’s licence and even going on to a professional career, others will be there just to enjoy the ride and the scenery during their experience day. If you are interested in any particular aspect - just ask!

8. Once in the aircraft and after a further short briefing the Instructor will undertake whichever “Lesson” has been chosen.

Size Matters?

Height and weight of prospective pilots is very important. If the person (or group in the 4 seat aircraft) who intends to fly are above average weight then the Instructor needs to know well in advance. Tell the Club when you book the flight. Aircraft weights can be adjusted (by reducing fuel, etc.) to accommodate most people but there are limits. If in doubt - ask!

When can I fly?

The Club operates 7 days a week for 363 days a year so they have plenty of time to “fit it in”. The main difficulty as described above is The Weather. Strong winds, poor visibility, low cloud, etc., will all affect a first flight by someone we hope will both enjoy the lesson and perhaps want to go on and get their licence to fly

What to wear?

Something comfortable but not bulky! You will not be cold once in the plane but something thin and windproof is often a good idea when going across the tarmac. For the ladies trousers may be preferable when climbing into a light aircraft. Shoes should not be too heavy but no “flip flops” or high heels - please.

Age limits

The main limitation is whether the prospective pilot can reach the controls comfortably. For the Experience flights there is no formal limit. However, if you want the flight to count towards a licence then you need to be 14 years of age or more. Those taking up flying later in life may need to consider whether they are in sufficient good health.

Bring a camera?

Yes, you can bring a camera and use it both on the ground and in the air. A friend or member of family accompanying you may also be able to come to the aircraft if time permits. We try to accommodate most requests.