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For those with the time and resources to undertake an intensive training course, Lydd Aero Club is pleased to offer a course leading to the Private Pilot Licence (EASA-PPL), with 6 weeks to 6 months duration subject to your availability.

In preparing this scheme, we have endeavoured to give an honest and realistic appraisal of the true cost of obtaining a PPL without "hidden extras".

The intensive, fixed price, pre-paid course is non-refundable and prices will remain unchanged for six months from the date the course commences.

 The Fast Track PPL .............. NOW with even greater savings

Cessna 152 (2 Seater) 9,695
a Saving of 1,400 (13%)
Robin HR200 (2 Seater) 10,195
a Saving of 1,600 (14%)
Piper Archer P28A (4 Seater) 10,885
a Saving of 1,700 (14%)
ALL inclusive of VAT and ALL the items listed below

The “6 week PPL” price includes:

  • 45 Hours of Flight Training
  • Pre-flight classroom briefings
  • Up to100 landings at Lydd
  • Up to 10 landings at other airfields
  • Ground School as required
  • 9 Written Examinations
  • Trevor Thom's Textbooks Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7
  • Appropriate Check List
  • Pooley's CRP-1 Computer
  • 1:500,000 South England Chart
  • Pooley's CB-5 Kneeboard
  • 9" Ruler
  • Protractor
  • PPL Log Book
  • Pilot Flight Case
  • VAT
  • Membership of Lydd Aero Club for the duration of the training
  • Free use of computer based training aids in the Club
  • Free loan of headset
The price does not include payments
to some third parties, namely:
  • Medical Examiner's Fee (Approx 170)
  • CAA Examiner's Skills Test Fee (Approx 170)
  • Hire of your training aircraft at Private Hire Rate for Skills Test.
  • CAA Radio Examiner's Fee (Approx 70)
  • CAA Licence Issue Fee (Approx 180)
  • Written Examination re-sits (Currently 23.50 each)
  • Additional flying hours (over and above 45)
  • Accommodation (if required)



When considering undertaking a course of this nature, you must be fully aware of the following facts:


The equipment listed as included in the price is all you will need to complete the PPL course and, unless stated as being on loan, it is yours to keep.

Accommodation (if required)

We use a number excellent of B&B establishments in the immediate vicinity of the airport. Details are available on request.

Medical Examiner

You may start training without a valid Medical Certificate, but you will not be allowed to fly solo until you have a Class 2 Certificate issued by a CAA approved Medical Examiner. It would therefore make sense to undergo the medical examination before commencing training. A list of medical examiners' names, addresses and contact numbers is available on request.

Skills Test

This is the practical flying test that takes place at the end of your training and provided you have successfully completed all your ground examinations. The Skills Test is conducted at Lydd by the resident examiner approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. You will use a Club aircraft for the test and pay for it at the current Private Hire Block rate. The Skills Test takes, on average, 2 hours.

Radio Practical

You will have to take a practical radiotelephony test. This may be conducted within the Lydd Aero Club facilities at Lydd Airport.

Written Exams

Lydd Aero Club is an approved Examination Centre so you will sit the written exams and get your results at the Club.

Most people pass their exams at first sitting. If you fail a paper, you may take it again at the Club. You are only allowed three attempts. Any further re-sits beyond that have to take place at the CAA Headquarters by Gatwick Airport, though this would be a most unusual occurrence.

Licence Issue Fee

Your PPL will be issued by the CAA, Flight Crew Licensing, at Gatwick. We will help complete the application. You will need to pay the applicable fee (currently 146) directly to the CAA.


Payment for this packaged course must be made in full prior to commencing training and can be by cheque, cash, credit or debit card.

Price guarantee

The “Fast Track” PPL package, once purchased, is non-refundable.

The price paid will be held for a period of 6 months. If the student has not completed his course after 6 months, Lydd Aero Club may increase the package cost, pro-rata.

If the student has not completed his course 12 months after purchasing the package, Lydd Aero Club may increase the package cost, pro-rata, in respect of all increased costs.

If the student has not completed his PPL course 24 months after purchasing the “Fast Track” package, the maximum allowable term will expire and no refund will be made by Lydd Aero Club.


It is perfectly possible to complete the full PPL course in 45 hours and take all exams inside six weeks. Nevertheless, a fundamental ingredient to meet these targets is the student's application, dedication and determination to learn. If you chose this intensive training route towards a Private Pilot Licence you must be prepared to put in 5 to 6 day's a week at the Club. All subject to weather conditions.

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