Lydd Aero Club

Lydd Airport

Lydd, Kent

TN29 9QL

01797 320 734

Longest   established   CAA Approved Flying School   in   the   area

Flight Simulator

Lydd Aero Club use an MS FSX flight simulator for basic training (and just for fun!)

The simulator can be set up for Cessna 152, HR200 Robin and PA28 Archer aircraft as used for normal training.

No landing or fuel charges! Only nominal fee for use

Sorry! Not loggable flying time.


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Video demonstrates a landing at Weston-Dublin

With apologies for “Instructor’s comments” during recording

Simulator Stills - showing wraparound screens (for good spacial awareness) and

 aircraft instruments on separate monitor

Simulator screens and instruments

Simulator - showing 3 x 42” screens, separate monitor and PA28 style controls

Simulator screens and PA28 style controls