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PC Version (screen shown is Windows 7)

To fix the streaming problem or if your PC is infested with Apple products (iPhone,etc.).

On a clear "Desktop" open QuickTime Player from your "All Programs" button.

When QuickTime Player opens go to -  Edit | Preferences | QuickTime Preferences.

Set the Streaming Transport as shown:


 You may ALSO need to select your Downloading speed under the “Streaming” Button.


Go here to read more.


If the video you are trying to watch is not opening fully or keeps going on and off, it may take only a few steps to fix the problem.

QuickTime Player for Windows Settings for Streaming Media

 1. Open QuickTime Player

2. Go to the Edit menu and select the Preferences and QuickTime Preferences commands. 3. Click the down arrow on the drop-down menu and select Streaming Transport.

4. Click the circle next to "Use this protocol and port ID".

5. Click the circle next to "Use HTTP, Port ID" and the circle next to "80."

6. Close the window.

7. Try to play the video again.

Macintosh Version (untested. If anyone has a Mac and gets it working please tell Club)

If you are having difficulty viewing a QuickTime stream using a Macintosh, try these five (5) easy steps to change the streaming transport to HTTP Port 80. Oftentimes this is all you have to do in order to get up and viewing.


The QuickTime Player comes up after you click on the streaming link. After that, the player waits while issuing a “Switching Transports” and then a “Disconnected” message.


1. In the Apple’s Finder Menu, click on the blue apple in the upper left-

hand corner of your screen.

Select “System Preferences”.

2. From the System Preference Menu, under the “Internet & Network”

section, select the “QuickTime” icon.

3. Third, select the “Connection” tab and click on “Transport Setup”.

4. Next, bubble in the “Use this protocol and port ID” radio button.

Under “Transport Protocol”, click the down arrow and change the

selection setting from “UDP” to “HTTP”.

 5. Finally, under “Port ID”, bubble in the radio button marked “80”.

Click the OK button and then go and try and watch the stream again