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Details archived from main page:

Bill Barnes, despite the many delays due to weather, finished his 2014 in style with a First Solo on 30 December 2014. Happy New Year Bill, now for your qualifiers. Well Done from the Club and your Instructors.

Harry Holt went straight on from his QXC mentioned below, only delayed by atrocious weather, to complete his PPL training with a successful General Skill Test on Saturday 6th December 2014. Congratulations Harry - WE all knew you could do it. Now enjoy your flying.!

Nigel Shorter. A long-standing member and PPL in W/B 1st December 2014 completed his Night rating. Well done Nigel!

Harry Holt completed a week long intensive training to undertake his Qualifying Cross Country on Friday 31st October 2014. Not long for that PPL now Harry!

AndrewSmith2Andrew Smith, who had been with only through the academic summer successfully completed his Skills Test on 28th August 2014. Well done, AGAIN!, Andrew.

Riley Court-Wood is another Robin aircraft pilot who achieved his PPL by passing the Skills Test on 16th August 2014. Well done Riley!

Alex Ujah dedicated his time to completing the PPL in only a few months following up his QXC with a successful Skills Test on Wednesday 30 July 2014. Well done Alex. Now joining the Archer III group and continuing with his IMC training.

Riley Court-Wood completed his Qualifying Cross Country on Wednesday 16th July 2014. On a day that started misty and with low cloud Riley was determined to complete this part of the course, The weather was kind and ended up the hottest day of the year so far with clear blue skies. Well done RileyAlex Ujah followed the “new” Qualifying Cross Country route of 160Nm set up by the Club after the closure of Manston. Alex completed this part of the PPL course late into the afternoon on 16th July 2014. Congratulations Alex

Andrew Smith had a successful Qualifying Cross Country at the controls of G-EOMI on Monday 14th July, barely two and a half months after his first training flight. Well done Andrew, now crack on with the ground exams and the coveted PPL will be round the corner.

Peter Tucker completed his Qualifying Cross Country in G-CDER on Wednesday 2nd July 2014. A long standing member of the Archer Five group Peter chose the best flying day of the year so far to fly the 150Nm and the obligatory 2 stops. Well done Peter. Not long to that PPL?

Alison TipplesAlison Tipples joined Lydd Aero Club only a few months ago to take her Flight Skills Test for the PPL.

Alison was lucky enough to have almost perfect weather on Tuesday 10th June 2014 having had the test postponed a number of times through bad weather. Well done Alison

Quote from Alison’s Facebook - “Thanks to all at Lydd for helping me achieve this and making a dream come true.”


Phil Lancaster flew a faultless circuit on Thursday 26th June 2014 to complete his First Solo. After several days delay due to problems with the aircraft - not Phil - a quiet morning at Lydd proved too much of a opportunity to miss. Congratulations Phil. Now for those exams!

Alex Ujah restarted his PPL training quite recently and has already completed his first solo with LAC on 18th June 2014. Stick with it Alex. QXC next. Andrew Smith completed his First Solo only a short time into his “6-week intensive course” on Wednesday 28th May 2014. On an overcast day which did not start well weather-wise (600ft cloudbase) Andrew was able to jump the first hurdle towards his PPL. A real achievement given his need to complete regular school examinations during the same period. Congratulations Andrew! AndrewSmith1

Andrew Russell followed up his QXC with completion of his General Skills Test on Friday 16th May 2014. A hectic month for Andrew, with all his non-flying studies to contend with, and now joining the Pilot ranks. Well Done Andrew!

Andrew Russell successfully completed his Qualifying Cross Country on 4th May 2014 - at last!  See Andrew’s video on YouTube sharing the airport with a 747. Well done from all at LAC.  Crack on with that Skills Test now Andrew.

Alison Tipples completed her Qualifying Cross Country on Thursday 17th April. An important milestone to that PPL.  Almost there Alison. Congratulations!

Ben Jackson picked an excellent day (at last!) to complete his Skills Test and join the ranks of the PPL on Sunday 13th April. Well Done Ben!

Harry Holt battled through the atrocious winter weather to achieve his First Solo on 18th February. Well Done Harry! - got there in the end - now for consolidation and cross-country!

Christian Kasmerides successfully completed his Skills Test on Sunday 1st September. A well deserved comment on the test was “a pass with flying colours”. Well done Christian!

Riley Court-Wood completed his FIRST SOLO on Tuesday 27th August . Delayed by one day due to a pesky cross-wind Riley completed a perfect first solo on an almost perfect day - whilst nervous father sat in the Clubhouse awaiting. WELL DONE! Riley.

Ken Russell completed his Qualifying Cross Country on 5th March. After lengthy preparations it was discovered that closure of one nominated airport meant a complete re-routing. Not something you need just before the most complex flight to date in your training. Well done Ken for coping with all the changes.

Michael Miller was one of a small number of pilots who actually managed to achieve his Night Rating, during this winter of interminably bad weather, on the evening of Saturday 16th February.

Roy Longstaff chose the busiest day, so far, this year to do his First Solo and had the added requirement of 2 orbits and an extended downwind leg when requested by ATC to allow in some ILS traffic. Saturday 16th February will no doubt be remembered in the Longstaff household - Well done Roy.

Fred Thomas took his first solo on Thursday 17th January in G-BIBW. At a time of year when we shelter from the snow Fred took advantage of a small window in the weather to complete the part of his training he will probably remember the most

Simon Wells became the first award for 2013 by completing his Skills Test to join the PPL ranks on Sunday 13th January. Made it with a whole day to spare! Well done, Simon.

Christian Kasmeridis completed his First Solo on Sunday 2nd December. With Flight Instructor Joe Cunningham signing him off for a rather long flight - due to a very busy day at Lydd Airport - Christian made the most of unusually good weather to complete the first solo half hour in his log book.