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OneWayFlyouts1Yes, that’s what it says and no, we are not talking Kamikaze missions here, just an idea to enable us to fly further, discover new destinations and keep the cost within reasonable limits.


Here is how it works:

  • 1. Pick a destination – say, Barcelona.
  • 2. Select two crews, one to fly Lydd to Barcelona and one to bring the plane back to Lydd.
  • 3. On the chosen morning two pilots set off from Lydd in a Club or Group aircraft and another two from Southend on an Easyjet flight.
  • 4. The whole group meet up in Barcelona, enjoy a nice evening out.
  • 5. On the return journey we swap crews and one brings the PA28 back to Lydd whilst the other enjoys a flight back on Easyjet.

How does this affect the cost?

1. Lydd to Barcelona in, say G-CBSO, would take 6 hours each way, i.e. a total of 12 hours at 110.05 costing 1,320 which divided by two means 660 per head.

2. Alternatively, fly one way for 330, returning on Easyjet for 60, i.e. 390 per head.

For longer flights – we are looking at Italy, Morrocco, Malta, Gibraltar - the saving would be even greater!


We are going to kick start the idea on Friday, 6th May with a flight to Madrid returning to Lydd on Sunday 8th May.

Stewart Muir and Nancy Steer have put their names down for the outbound leg in their Group Arrow.  Bill Vidal and Roy Panniers will bring the plane back home.

Any members of the other Groups or, indeed, any pilots wanting to put together two crews for a Club plane, please get in touch with the Club.

Non-pilots or student pilots are also welcome to enjoy a back seat ride – there will be a discounted price for them!