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Ground School

The Club is now able to offer a course of ground school both for the Private Pilot License and the Instrument Meteorological course.Teacher

The training can be either as a ‘brush up’ prior to the exam or as a more structured course for anyone finding particular difficulty with any subject.

This can be arranged on a one to one basis or perhaps a couple of members would like to take instruction together which would reduce the cost. The main reason for this new venture is to assist students to fully understand each of the subjects without the need to fly following a pre flight briefing.

We would hope that, following three hours intensive brush up training, the student should be able to sit the exam with confidence providing of course that they have studied the relevant Air Pilots Manual.

    The IMC rating has a single exam and although briefings are given prior to each flight this training can concentrate on both the theoretical and practical sides. The training can concentrate on:

    NDB tracking and can also include instruction on

    RNAV approaches for suitably equipped aircraft.

The Club's Simulator could also be of value to fly such approaches at a fraction of the cost of the plane particularly given the charge of ILS or RNAV approaches.

The training will be undertaken by a qualified Flight Instructor

Phone the Club 01797 320734 or speak to OPS on your next visit to the Club

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