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    2018 Flyout programme

    Change of Plans:

    In previous years we announced the trips at the Club Annual Dinner and the planes were taken on a first come first served basis with a standby reservation available on all the trips.

    This system worked well for many years. Last years fly-outs were not well booked so we thought an ad-hoc system might be better but this has not proved to be the case.

    In order for people to make arrangements well in advance and know they have a firm booking of the various planes we suggest the following dates and venues for the rest of the year.

    These may be booked as previously allowing one fly-out per shareholder. Once a booking is made you may of course put yourself as standby for other trips and, if not booked within a month of the departure, you may take the plane.

    The sheets are in the club and may be reserved personally or by phone or email.

    The first two flyouts of the year are aimed at students

    and low hour PPLs. The remainder should be as follows:


    22nd to 25th


    Distance approx. 1000 miles

    CLICK for MAP



    21st to 22nd

    La Rochelle

    Distance approx. 300 miles

    La Rochelle


    25th to 27th


     Distance approx. 400



     22nd to 23rd


     Distance approx. 230 miles