Lydd aero Club

Lydd Airport, Kent, TN29 9QL

01797 320734



    Block Purchases

    After a Trial Lesson or Starter Pack students must join the Club to make use of the it’s facilities

    Students can continue their training on a “pay as you go” basis - but substantial savings can be made by selecting a Discount Pack.


    Whatever stage you are at with your flying ... Robin G-EOMI

    starting your training from scratch

    after a Trial Lesson

    completing a “Starter Pack”

    at any point during or after your training

    Club Members can enjoy a saving on their flying costs when flying Club Aircraft.

    1000 deposited gives you an 8% DISCOUNT

    500 deposited gives you a 3% Discount

    Unspent funds paid by members into our Block Purchase schemes are fully refundable.


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