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Change of CFI at LAC


Retiring CFI for LAC - Ivan Hart

As many of you know I will be retiring as CFI for Lydd Aero Club from 31st October 2014 and I would like to thank all of you at the club that have helped me during my time as the CFI.


However I will still continue to instruct at the club on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you require instruction for IMC/IR or night flying I could be available on other days, contact the club or me direct to arrange a date and time.


During my time as CFI I have tried to give new pilots knowledge to keep them safe. There are 2 basic rules in aviation:


1 There are no new flight safety problems only repeats of old ones, learn from the mistakes of other pilots, you will not live long enough to make them all yourself.


2. When you start flying you are given two jugs, one empty marked experience and the other marked luck and it is full. The trick is to fill the jug marked experience before the jug of luck runs out.Bob Cox


Bob Cox, who you all know, is taking over and he will be mainly available at weekends. Please extend your help to him as you have done to me.


Good luck in the future,


Best regards