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Calais photo apron

Following several queries from pilots both visitors and Lydd Aero Club members, and a rather confusing NOTAM, we received an email from the Manager at Calais Airport at the bottom of this report..

    Recent visits (February/March 2015)  by Club staff have been greeted in the air by very helpful albeit unofficial radio calls. We understand Tower staff are under training.

    The restaurant also has had a change of staff. Again, Lydd Aero Club staff have visited on several occasions over the last few weeks (March/April 2015) and been presented with excellent meals.

    The local flying school are still very active as are the coast guard. Even the Customs Officers helicopter came in for lunch! although not to check passports or air.


    Dear Lydd Aero Club,

     Apparently some British pilots believe that the airport is closed, well I  don’t know from where you got this information but it’s still open to international traffic, it’s still a Shengen border crossing point, it’s still night vfr and ifr and  the ATC has closed (may be you tried to contact the tower, hence no answer) but this is only thing that has changed at Calais Dunkirk.

    An ATS service will open soon.  See you soon at Calais Dunkirk

    Best Regards
    Julien LEMAITTE
    Development manager Calais Dunkirk Airport LFAC “