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Historic records:


On Tuesday 19th January 2016,Louis Lubke with Instructor Ivan Hart after a Trial Lesson Experienc e with Lydd Aero Club, Louis Lubke who is studying at the local Buckswoo d School completed a faultless First Solo in under 12 hours.


Not a record but quite an achievement in this winter’s  weather. Well Done Louis!

Ed (Edward) Murphy successfully completed his Skills Test on 27 August 2015. With apologies from the Web-master for omitting him from the Roll of Honour until now. Well done Ed from all at the Club, you must have your licence in your hand by now?

Rob Blackadder eventually completed his Skills Test on Monday 23rd November 2015. Atrocious weather over the last few weeks has prevented much GA flying but after endless postponements Rob now joins the PPL ranks. Well done Rob! Now get that RT finished!

Sam Astell, a student from William Parker Academy, Hastings, completed his First Solo on Friday 23rd October 2015. An otherwise very overcast day was brightened at Lydd Aero Club as Sam took the Cessna 152 out for his first solo flight and landing, which he completed faultlessly. This is a real achievement for someone only recently marking their 16th birthday. Well done from all at the Club. Not long to that Private Pilot’s licence for Sam.

Nick Avitabile returned from Hong Kong to Lydd Aero Club to pass his Skills Test on Sunday 18th October 2015. The weather was not kind to Nic this week but he made it anyway. Congratulations!

Paul Willey passed his Skill Test on Sunday 18th October 2015. A determined effort from Paul, given the recent delays due to weather, who now joins the PPL ranks. Well done Paul!

Ian McKenzie - Extra 400-1Ian McKenzie completes his Type Rating for the Extra 400 on 12th October 2015. This is a high performance, pressurised single engined aircraft just added to the Club's fleet of Group Owned aircraft.

There may be one vacancy in the group to make a total of four pilot-owners.

Well done Ian! - from all at the Club - a real achievement!

Bill Allan completed his First Solo on 8th October 2015. Congratulations! from all at Lydd Aero Club

Peter Anthony - currently undertaking one of the Club’s “Block Courses” completed a faultless First Solo on Wednesday 23rd September 2015. Congratulations Peter, next step Qualifying Cross Country?

Paul Willey – completed his Qualifying Cross Country on Friday 4th September 2015 - well done Paul, just the Skills Test to go?.

NickAvitabileNick Avitabile managed his first solo today, 21st June 2015 Aged 16!

In just over 11 hours, and only seven days after arriving at Lydd from Hong Kong. Also, he had never been in a light aircraft before.

Well done ! Nick. Not long to that PPL.

Phil Lancaster completed his Skills Test on Friday 5th June 2015 to join the PPL ranks who have completed their flight training with Lydd Aero Club. Can’t wait to get that licence, eh! Congratulations Phil from all at the Club

FIRST SOLO - Rob Blackadder26 May 2015 - Congratulatio ns to Rob Blackadder on completing your First Solo. Rob completed in almost record hours and will soon be on his way to that Qualifier. Well done Rob!



May 2015 - For all those young people who don’t believe a pilot’s career is within their grasp NOTE the achievement by a young man starting out from Lydd Aero Club.

Congratulation s to Lewis Lang who is progressing to professional pilot status ENTIRELY through his own hard work and endeavours. Here he completes his Commercial Pilot’s LicenceLewisLang1







  • First Trial Lesson with Lydd Aero Club at age 10
  • Solo on his 16th Birthday (30th July 2006)
  • PPL License at 19
  • ATPL exams at 23
  • Commercial Pilots Licence at 24



April 2015  saw periods of strong winds and poor vis hampering all forms of training, however Paul Willey took his First Solo and reports on the event himself:

    “I had been looking forward to this moment for a long time, and thankfully the weather had finally cleared enough for me to have a chance at it. I’d had a good session of circuits the day before with [Instructor] Joe, and my landings were consistently smooth. My practice circuits on the actual day, before the solo, were just as good as the previous day. I completed three successful practice circuits with Joe before the time came he announced he would be stepping out of the aircraft to allow me to begin my first solo.

    It was a fantastic experience to be in charge of the plane by myself, and with all the training I had I was confident I would be able to complete the circuit well.

    I’m pleased to say it was a fairly uneventful circuit with no complications, and my landing was one that I can say I’m particularly proud of. I am now looking forward to completing some more solo time in preparation for a qualifying cross country.”


Chris Pennell took probably the first good weekend of the year to complete a First Solo in the afternoon of 18th January 2015. Congratulations Chris!

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Special Reports

Michael Miller - our longest serving student achieved his goal of many years and joined the PPL ranks - click for instructor’s report

Interesting note from Ivan Hast FI to LAC

Your First Solos - I went solo for the first time in a Chipmunk T10 at Plymouth Airport while carrying out flying grading with the Britannia Royal Naval Collage Flight. 40 years later I met up with WX 608 again at RNAS Yeovilton where she is part of the RN Historic Aircraft Flight helping todays RN pilots learn how to fly a tail dragger. Whenever I see our students first soloI recall that day 40 years ago.



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