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Float Planes

On a recent tour of New England and Canada I was luck enough to experience floatplane flying in the area known as Lake Country.

This is around Muskoka, Haliburton Highlands and the Georgian Bay Region. My instructor, Jeff Mavor, from Lake Country Airways operates out of Orillia Lake St. John Airport where they have a flight school and float plane charter company.

They also do what they call "wheeled aircraft" (for some winter flying on "real" runways! - they call them pavements) but the majority of flying in the lake area is, obviously, better covered by floatplanes.

If you don't have the time for the FAA training, they also do scenic flights and fly-n-dine packages which in late September, when I was there, were spectacular in colour.

See all their details and a video on

They are only an hour or so north of Toronto and well worth a visit by UK PPLs and certainly something which would interest their families!


LAC OPS (Sunday Crew)

Just a few of the hundreds of photos taken during my visit below:

1 Friends arrange lesson

2 Whats the extra lever on this 172

Instructor casts off

3 Unlink water rudder for takeoff





4 Stick right BACK - really

5 Ride up onto float step

Plenty of landing places

6 All hands on deck for landing





7 Still forgot master switch on exit

8 Friend demonstrates tug

9 What a place for supper




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