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Laon Fly-out Gallery

A few photos collected on the Laon July 2010 Fly-out

Calais for Customs


Breakfast at Calais


Base leg Laon airfield


Laon overhead

FW second to arrive Laon/Chambrey


ER crosswind arrival


Bonanza arrival


Land like this!

Laon lineup


Where's that taxi


Majestic Laon cathedral


Organ loft


Impressive entrance



Laon/Chambry airfield from Laon

Town wall



Window shopping


Cake to go?

Climb out Laon


Laon City Centre




Dinner venue is behind you Debbie

Evening stroll


Typical French


Hotel de Ville


The Cathedral




Ready for Dinner


Dinner Menu



Glazed eyes - nothing to do with wine!

Laon airfield from city wall


FW ready to leave


4500ft over N france - return

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