Traditionally the weather for the first Flyout of the year is less than kind. This year, apart from the visibility, was bright and settled and eight planes set off around ten o’clock for Bembridge. Conditions were calm and an easterly breeze meant that runway 12 was in use on the island.

For those that have never been to Bembridge this runway has the advantage that you can vacate at the far end without the need to backtrack to the centre taxiway, although the runway itself slopes downhill so you should ensure the correct approach speed and height are maintained.

After landing the fee can be paid at the mobile home which doubles as tower at weekends, (15 for singles with four seats), or when closed at the Propeller Pub..

We then divided into groups and selected leaders to navigate to the Crab and Lobster. Unfortunately my group chose me and after a pleasant walk involving Ventnor and the Needles we arrived at the restaurant. Some more adventurous groups attempted the North Coll route (just "felt like" Everest) but were thwarted by the treacherous mud and quicksand for which that route is noted.

At the meal we were joined by Carolyn and Chris Taylor from Biggin and decisions were made about the seafood platter ( photo attached).

The flight back was pleasant and uneventful for everyone and, although simple, this was one of the most enjoyable flyouts for me, for some time.

Look forward to Valenciennes and further...


Arrive Bembridge

Off to pay fees

A short cut

The rural setting

An early arrival

Locals arrive

Carrier ramp?

Where to park?

Stay overnight?

Are we there yet?

Cliff top path

JU downwind


First up

Runners up

The Platter


Crab and Lobster

The Walk back

Chariots await


Not LAC probs

Where's racecourse?


Still there

Passengers wait

Archer awaits

The team


Way home

Not overfly?

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