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General Aviation Reports (GAR)

A number of members have been caught out by not being prepared for the new GAR system.

After many years of happily submitting paper GAR forms via FAX to Border Force they are now requiring electronic submissions.

It is strongly recommended that you look at their “new” system - we say “new” but it’s dated 2015 - at home on a PC before coming to fly.

The system is not complicated but poorly arranged whereby you first need to register the aircraft, captain, crew and passengers. We have found that the system often refuses to accept new aircraft until a later day. Then you go to the GAR and copy in the details with the previously entered aircraft and crew, etc.

There is the opportunity to enter details all in “one go” but you would have to do that for each flight and many of us fly the same aircraft with similar “captain” and often similar crew so it is worth the time registering everything first.

There is a third way of submitting a “spreadsheet” but the completion of the Border Force spreadsheet, again dated 2015, is not easy and doesn’t guarantee more questions after uploading. Good luck with that method - we’ve tried it!

See a summary of required details here: gar summary

Or click below to go direct to the Border Force site.