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2 Seater

The 2 Seat aircraft is the 1st chosen by most “student” pilots since it is the simplest and cheapest when they undertake the full training course.

Suitable for over 13 y.o. and average adults.

Don’t hesitate to check if “student” is above average weight/height

(01797 320734)

Seating Plan

4 Seater

The 4 Seat aircraft is suitable for all ages.

There is no minimum age for “Trial Lessons” but students need to reach all the controls to gain the full benefit. Under 14s will require a parent/guardian to fly with them.

The four seater can accommodate the student and instructor plus one or two friends/family - subject to weight limits.

Prices are all inclusive - no extra for your “passengers”

Seating Plan

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At Lydd Aero Club we have both 2 and 4 seat aircraft in our “training” fleet.

The 2 Seat aircraft will accommodate the Student and Pilot

Light aircraft are normally classed as “single engine piston” aircraft (SEP). These come in a multitude of sizes depending on their purpose, e.g. Training, Pleasure/Leisure, Commercial, etc. Some centres offer smaller aircraft (microlights, etc) and reduced flight times - some as short as 15 minutes. Lydd Aero Club only have full sized light aircraft and we do a full 30 minute or 60 minutes “lessons” (or more) in the aircraft PLUS briefings.

Please check what you are being offered when comparing with other centres

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We are always happy to “upgrade” Experience Vouchers to 4 seater at time of booking

The Age, Weight and Height of the person(s) taking part in the Experience will also need to be considered.

If you are above average height or weight please advise the Club when buying or booking lessons. Most people can be accommodated by reducing fuel (or passengers in the 4 seater) but there are limits!

Don’t hesitate to telephone if you are unsure  - 01797 320734.