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Trial Lesson Experience - 30 minutes

This is a flight of the local area. It will give you at least 30 minutes in the aircraft, enough to fly around the local area, say to Rye, Ashford or Hythe. (See the Maps)

During the flight and depending on student aptitude they will be invited to “follow through” as the instructor describes how the aircraft reacts to the controls in the air. Taking off and land at Lydd

When the instructor is happy that the student understands the basics they will be asked to “take control” and fly the aircraft for part of the flight.

Don’t worry - you will only do as much or as little as you are able or wish to do.

Not really interested in flying the aircraft but just want to see what goes on “up front”?........

......... then just sit back and let the instructor show you how it all works. The principles of flight are the same in all fixed wing aircraft.

Just enjoy the flight, take a few photos or look out for landmarks.

In that time you could, for example, fly right around Kent - Dover, Deal, Margate and Ramsgate, or along the Thames Estuary in Kent, then south towards Rye before returning to Lydd. Alternatively, you could go into East Sussex and fly around the Hastings area.

(See the Maps)

During the pre-briefing you can discuss routes and expectations with your instructor. He will be able to advise how to give you the very best of flight experiences.

This lesson also gives student pilots plenty of time to decide on whether or not to take up flying as a hobby or career.Select 2 or 4 seater


This lesson consists of two flights as you will depart Lydd, land at another airfield for a cuppa and chat with your instructor about the flight, then fly back to Lydd.

Allow about two hours for this lesson.

During the briefing you can discuss routes and expectations with your instructor. He will be able to advise on the best way to give you the very best of flight experiences.Select 2 or 4 seater


Your flight will take you across the Channel to the coastal resort of Le Touquet.

On a clear day this trip provides a spectacular view of the shipping in the English Channel (La Manche), the White Cliffs of Dover and the headlands at Cap Gris Nez.

After checking in at Le Touquet airport there will be plenty of time for refreshments in France before your flight back to Lydd.

You will need to bring a passport for this one!Select

Like our other “Local Flight” but extended and lasting a full hour PLUS the briefing.

A Grass-strip Airfield - Fly to and land at another airport (Normally Headcorn Airfield in the 2 seater or Rochester Airport in the 4 seater) for a cup of tea and back to Lydd

UPGRADE any voucher after purchase - tell us what you want when you phone to book

Checkout the Prices HERE - Compare with others - Times quoted are in aircraft PLUS all classroom briefings
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For a flight that goes “a little further” how about going North, crossing the River Thames to Southend

This lesson consists of two flights as you will depart Lydd, travel North over Kent with view of Leeds Castle and (on a clear day) the QE2 Bridge to the River Thames and land at Southend on the north shore. On approach you will need to join in with the Commercial Jet Traffic which uses Southend.

There will be ample time for a light meal at the large on-site Hotel which has wonderful views of the airport from it’s restaurant on the 5th floor.

For something a little moSelectre casual there is always the nearby fast food restaurant before your flight back to Lydd. (Meal not included in price)

Allow 3-4 hours for this lesson.

From £209

From £229

Select 2 or 4 seater


Fly across the Channel and visit the chic French town of Le Touquet

A Special Day?


Only £109


2 seater

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