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Having seated the student comfortably in the left (captains') seat, the instructor will explain the checks and procedures as he starts the engine and taxies to the holding point for the runway in use.

After further checks he will enter the runway and line up, ready to take off.

Shortly after take off, the instructor will invite the student to 'follow through' on the controls to appreciate the degree of input required. After that there will be an opportunity for the student to operate the controls, under the instructor's supervision, to experience the effects of the controls as described. Don’t worry! you may do as much as the instructor feels you are capable or as little as you wish or just sit back and enjoy your first experience in the Pilot’s Seat.

The shorter lessons will normally remain in an area bounded by the towns of Rye, Ashford and Dymchurch.

The longer ones may extend toward Beachy Head, Maidstone, Dover or Canterbury. There are also opportunities to further extend the lesson and land at another airfield before making another take off and return flight to Lydd.


The instructor will position the aircraft to enter the 'circuit' prior to commencing an approach to land and once again may invite the student to 'follow through', or take part in bringing this first lesson to a gentle landing and return to the flying club.

There will be a short post flight briefing and a certificate marking the event will be presented to the student.

Having completed a first lesson now is the time to purchase a pilots log book and enter the details of the flight as a permanent record.

Time recorded on a Trial Lesson may be added to those required to get a license. It need not be long before the entry in the 'Pilot in Command' section is 'SELF' and you will be taking others to enjoy the pleasure of flying.

Your First Lesson

Starting a career in aviation or simply to experience the sensations piloting a light aircraft, your first “experience” will be the same.

The “lesson” will start with a pre-flight briefing. The instructor will then discuss with the student the area over which the lesson will take place, describe the flying controls, their effects on the aircraft in flight and on the ground, and answer any questions from the student.

Under 14 year olds? Please see requirement on Frequently Asked Questions