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There are many who say precautions are unnecessary and we should just “carry on as before”.

As an Approved Training Organisation we must take every precaution to maintain the safety of Pilots, Students and Staff. Before dismissing these, please think very carefully about the already 46,000+ who have died in the last few months.

 Are your actions making this worse?

Trial Lesson Experience Vouchers  

Subject to any additional lock-downs by HM Government there should not be many weeks now to re-start Trial Lesson Experiences.


The Club intends to honour all valid vouchers issued by Lydd Aero Club by extending their validity for the period of the current lock-down - now over 4 months. Vouchers are still being sold via the website and issued by email if you want one as a present.

Vouchers issued by Acorne/Virgin can only be extended by that company and holders of those vouchers should contact that company if an extension is required.

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We continue to monitor and answer emails so if there are any specific questions about Trial Lessons, Training or Aircraft Hire please don’t hesitate to ask.

Contact eMail :


Subject to any new lock-downs by HM Government, we are now into Phase Two for PPLs requiring licence/rating check-outs and Students (with 25hrs plus).

If you need re-validation by experience or test or a student training with us (and have completed around 25hrs flight time) then contact your instructor or the Club now -

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UPDATE Saturday 1st August 2020



Our local Medical Examiner for Pilots (Dr Ian McKenzie) informs us :

Dear All - Just to let you know the CAA has given us permission to start seeing pilots again so we are restarting our clinics.  Book in the normal way.

Regards, Dr Ian Mckenzie -

Some pilots have arrived for check-out without licences, medicals or log books

In order for the Club to operate lawfully, before the flight, the instructors will check:

  •  1. Your Licence  2. Your Medical  3. Your log book  SORRY! - NO PAPERWORK - NO CHECKOUT

When ready please look for available slots, instructors and last minute changes to bookings on:

Email your request for booking to:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Headsets will no longer be available for loan for the foreseeable future. We will be able to help a few students by selling a small number of those previously available for loan but many will want to buy their own new sets. We can order via a catalogue choice if you wish.

Face masks and gloves. You must bring and wear a face-covering for use whilst in the aircraft for any training. Gloves are recommended but optional.

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